Synthesis of Noncontemporary Influences – That Old Stuff… Is it Relevant? – Part 2

Du traditionnel au numérique

apophenia inc.

This post came about following a discussion with student their confusion between contemporary development technology and the artistic content of a piece of concept art and design.

« Being an artist is all about accepting permanent changes in in one’s art and techniques. Especially since the digital era took over a large part of todays’s creative industry. »

– Sparth, 2007

What does new technology such as Photoshop or Painter bring to the artist table?

What related issues might David Roberts, John Martin and Sparth have faced…?

Concept Art and Old Paintings The images above are the works of John Martin, Sparth and David Roberts respectively…

« I’m a child of Photoshop… »

« …I started wondering if perhaps I was becoming a digital artist instead of simply an artist. Today I strongly believe that this issue in no longer a question of interest. »

So what does he value…? Well…

« …sharpening our senses to the world …by depicting the way light…

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